Do you want your employees to be happy and productive?
Do you need an effective human resource management solution?
We have what you need in our company!

We offer comprehensive HR solutions to support client development, such as recruitment campaigns, salary surveys, employee evaluations, training and development, and much more.

Our experts are ready to help you with everything, from finding the right people, resolving conflicts within your team, to providing analyses for your business.

v HR!

Chcete, aby vaši zamestnanci boli šťastní a produktívni?

Potrebujete efektívne riešenie na správu zdrojov ľudských?

V našej spoločnosti máme to, čo potrebujete!

Ponúkame komplexné HR riešenia, ktoré sú špičkové ako švajčiarsky Army knife pre vaše HR potreby. Naše služby sú kvalitné a podporujúce klienta, ako sú náborové kampane, platové prieskumy, hodnotenie zamestnancov, vzdelávanie a rozvoj, a mnoho ďalších.

Naši odborníci sú pripravení vám pomôcť so všetkým, od vyhľadávania správnych ľudí až po riešenia konfliktov v tíme, či analýzy pre váš biznis. 

Recruitment – professional search and selection of employees

Rely on our team of professional recruiters with years of experience and entrust your recruitment needs to us.

Executive Search / Headhunting

Take advantage of our Executive Search service, based on headhunting, head-mapping and targeted market research.

Outsourcing of payroll accounting

Outsource your complex payroll and HR processing and reporting services to us (hire an external recruiter, payroll accountant, HR analyst, i.e.).

Outsourcing of employees (EOR/PEO/staff leasing)

Fulfill your recruitment plans excluding the administrative burden and legislative liability associated with new hires, without the necessary increase in the number of core staff.

Outplacement / Downsizing

Treat your employees to expert consultation with professional recruiters, psychologists, or lawyers during the phase of layoffs or company restructuring.


Invest in the education and development of your employees and let them grow with your company. Empower your people to bring out the best in themselves.


Use artificial intelligence to help you streamline your candidate selection or onboarding process.


Find out about the candidates’ personality traits and make sure in advance that the potential employee will fit in with the team, and thus the team can work together effectively.

Salary survey

Compare salaries and compensation packages in your company across all or selected positions within sectors and regions.

Feasibility analyses, regional and sector analyses

Let our team of professionals guide you when opening a new branch or expanding your business in Slovakia. We will prepare customized analyses for different sectors.

Property search support

Take our advice when searching for industrial, office, retail and warehouse properties to buy or rent.

Immigration and relocation services in one package

Take advantage of a simple solution that guides you/gets you through the lengthy legislative processes of immigration to Slovakia.